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Bosnia & Herzegovina: Sarajevo Derby – coming home

Written by De Twaalfde Man

Sarajevo has become my second home over the past years. The versatility of the Bosnian capital caught me the minute I entered the city. The hospitality of the people I met is admirable everytime when I come over. Visiting Sarajevo never gets bored. Especially when the match of the season is scheduled: the Sarajevo Derby!

People often ask me which derby I like the most. The Sarajevo Derby is definitely my number one. No, you heard met correct. Not the Belgrade Derby. That one is also awesome, but here in Bosnia I am literally part of it. Part of the local supporters passion. Being there right in the middle, together with the ultras. Sharing their love, setting off pyro while being up in the fence. An authentic derby experience every time again.

Corteo to the stadium

It all starts in Grbavica, the part of the city where FK Zeljeznicar comes from. Gathering at the stadium, having a couple of drinks. Getting ready for the match of the season. The group heads for the streets. The sound of the drum takes the lead. Songs echo trough the streets. The noise is so loud, the entire city definitely have heard them.

Manijaci marches towards the stadium. Escorted by an army of police. Flares fill the sky with smoke while welcomed by more pyro from a rooftop in the street. The Blues are here and everyone needs to know. Arriving at the stadium early because of safety procedures. The homefans aren’t around yet. Manijaci heads for the south stand. I am going to the west as I have a press card today.

Sarajevo Derby

FK Sarajevo is top of the table, but if Zeljo wins today they will take over based on goal difference. While the sun is slowly going down, the match starts. Horde Zla immediately creates a big smoke screen to show their presence. It doesn’t take long for them to celebrate the first goal, 1-0. But from that point on it looks like FK Željezničar is the home team. They are dominating on the pitch and at the stands.

Just before halftime a beautiful free kick gets them equalized. Somehow it looks like the visitors have more believe in a good result today. They are all over the place. The first attack in the second half is headed into the net, 1-2. FK Sarajevo is trying, but without any success. The derby is decided by a penalty in the 70th minute. FK Željezničar takes a 1-3 lead. The victory is not in danger anymore. After the final whistle the players celebrated the derby win together with Manijaci. The second win in the Sarajevo Derby this season. What is more to come?

Horde Zla – FK Sarajevo

Manijaci – FK Željezničar

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