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Greenock Morton: welcoming & authentic

De Twaalfde Man - Greenock Morton FC
Written by De Twaalfde Man

More and more authentic stadiums disappear. Everything is changing because of modern football. First cash needs to be made with proper football experience coming second if you are lucky. But there are still some beauties left. Cappielow Park is one of them. Not only because of the huge harbor crane in the back, but also because of the welcoming and authentic character of the club: Greenock Morton FC.

You can’t miss the stadium coming from Glasgow with the train. At least if you are sitting on the right side of it. The ground is stuck to the train tracks. Besides all the big Scottish city derby’s a visit to Greenock Morton was an absolute bonus. Their stadium is on many groundhop top stadium lists to go to. The truly belong on those lists.

Welcoming Greenock Morton

The people of Greenock are far from surprised when another group of foreign football lunatics walk into the Norse Man Bar. They got used to it and proud to show their home to the world. Unfortunately the pub itself doesn’t have that typical UK character, but it’s cosy nonetheless. And despite being at the bottom of the table, the club attracts a decent number of supporters.

Today an absolute relegation rumble as Partick Thistle is visiting Cappielow Park. They are on the relegation play-off spot with Greenock Morton right above them. The away team needs the support, so around a 1000 away fans made the trip West. Divided over both long sides and some at the terrace behind the goal.

Cappielow Park

The ground opened in 1879 is pure football. The massive harbor crane finishes the picture. But the stadium has much more than that. The beautiful standing section behind the goal which continues on the long side. Characteristic stands, decent floodlights and parts of the stadium bought from their rivals St. Mirren. Besides Greenock also the U20s of Celtic FC play their home games at Cappielow.

Numbers say 11.500 people can enter the stadium, but probably every gap will be filled with that amount of people. Today a little less than 3.000 supporters go in and it looks like the stadium is properly filled except for the standing sections behind the goals. It’s windy, cold with a bit of rain. So the majority seeks for a dry spot.

Partick Thistle take the win

Partick is doing everything they can so they are not going down at the end of the season. Their intentions are clear right from the start: winning. This results is in a goal after just five minutes. The away end explodes.

Greenock is not giving up that easy. They are fighting themselves back in the game. After half an hour they deserve the penalty, 1-1. Despite the cold I enjoy every bit of today’s match. The fanaticism of the home crowd is great, especially the elder ones. Some are just standing on their own in a corner with their face expressions telling the whole story. Others are arguing with everything they got analyzing every second of the match.

Eventually the visitors prove to be the strongest today. After one hour of play time the 1-2 gets on the board. A couple of youngsters on the high parking lot behind the goal celebrate it by teasing the Greenock fans. A 20 Pound ticket is to expensive for them, but they are here. As soon as the final whistle sounds, the “heroes” leave rapidly celebrating the victory with the other away fans coming from the stadium.

All in all, great day and would recommend everyone a visit to Cappielow Park!

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