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The Old Firm: Rangers are back

De Twaalfde Man - The Old Firm
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Rangers FC are back. Last Sunday The Gers won again at Celtic Park since 2010. The team of Stevie Gerrard kept their cool in defeating struggling Celtic. Does this bring back the excitement in Scottish football? Looks like The Hoops found themselves a serious contender for the league title. The battle between the arch rivals seems to be reinstated as it used to be before 2012, at least when The Old Firm is played.

The differences are minimal this season. The Light Blues are even able to take the lead in the league if they win their earlier in the season postponed match. Despite the fact there are still plenty matches to play, Celtic must perform at its best to win the league again. It’s expected to be a close finish at the end. If Rangers FC take it, it will heat up The Old Firm even more.

Green Brigade corteo before The Old Firm

It has become a tradition. The Green Brigade having a corteo before The Old Firm. Walking down the street towards Celtic Park with thousands. Quite the scenes, but apparantly a lot of supporters don’t understand how the corteo is organized. Dozens of them were walking in front of the corteo making selfies and filming every detail. They were blocking the corteo, which resulted in a less impressive walk down to Paradise.

The away fans came to the stadium with a large police force. Nowadays only 800 of them. Rangers started decreasing the number of away fans after complaints of their supporters. Word says it is because the Celtic supporters get far better seats at Ibrox than vice versa. The Celts side claims it is because “The Huns” can’t face the humiliation anymore. The Old Firm is on a hair trigger, no doubt. But less away fans means a lot less atmosphere unfortunately.

In the picture

It was a poor football match. Rangers were well organized, Celtic were way to sloppy. Nevertheless still a good atmosphere.

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