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40 Greatest Football Stadiums - Olympic Stadium Stockholm
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Started this poll last week just for a bit of fun in times of barely any football (on tv). Despite the fact I am far away from the 14 million votes of Marca, I am really surprised by the number of votes I have received. I am counting over 3500 votes already and we are not done yet. So if you haven’t done your voting yet, please share your top 5 for the Top 40 Greatest Football Stadiums in the world.

De Kuip skyrocketed

Apparently the Feyenoord supporters captured my poll, as the votes for the Feyenoord Stadium went crazy. This magnificent ground built in 1937 is loved by people from all around the globe. The intimidating atmosphere, massive floodlights and bouncing stands create a unique football experience like no other. Can you imagine that there are people now trying to replace it for a modern thirteen in a dozen stadium which will look more like an event hall?

Stadium De Adelaarshorst and Stadium Het Kasteel are doing quite well. Added to the poll by football supporters. Grounds with a long lasting history and unique features. Furthermore, the modern grounds from the Marca questionnaire fall far behind. Authentic football stadiums with a long history are dominating the results. Regarding my personal preferences, this makes me very happy as these are the grounds with amazing atmosphere like Anfield or La Bombonera. I am also happy someone mentioned Kantrida Stadium in Rijeka. This is truly a fantastic stadium, which is still used for football occasionally.

40 Greatest Football Stadiums - De Kuip

Feyenoord Stadium De Kuip skyrocketed in the poll

Your top 5

I see a lot of people voting for just one stadium, mostly the stadium of their own club. That is to be respected of course, but I want to encourage you to take the opportunity to share your top 5. Which stadiums do you think belong in the top 40 Greatest Football Stadiums of the world. Maybe you have a wonderful memories about a certain ground after a visit or a stadium is still on your bucket list to visit for whatever reason.

I have added a few more suggestions below, which might not be well known by the majority of football fans. Especially Poladi Stadium of FC Rustavi in Georgia. The curved long side with an characteristic wall on top where the beautiful main gate is situated. Due to the lack of money the ground has decayed, but still talks football in every aspect. Furthermore the combination of Poljud Stadium and Torcida, the oldest ultras group of Europe. Even when the stadium is half full, an immense sound rolls of the stands. Great back drop as well. Location of Vrapcici Stadium in Mostar is just amazing. The mountains on the back gives this small ground a unique atmosphere.

Vote for your top 5 below. If your favorite ground is not listed, scroll all the way down to add your choice to the list.

Which stadiums belong in the top 40 Greatest Stadiums in the world?
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