Floodlight Friday: ode to football nights

De Twaalfde Man - Floodlight Friday
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A lot of photographers capture the charm of football on a weekly basis. Not what happens on the pitch. No, what surrounds the pitch. The character of a stadium, the soul of the terraces or the stately of the floodlights. Especially the last ones are disappearing more and more in modern football. Football romanticist honor the floodlights every Friday using the hashtag Floodlight Friday. This is an ode to football nights.

Personally, I understand the love for this aspect of football culture. Old stadiums tell a story even without football fans on the stands. They are open history books which appeal to the imagination. I can lose myself for hours wandering the terraces experiencing evert corner of a stadium, photographing every detail. But the fun begins at a distance, seeing the floodlights. Especially when they burn at night. Floodlights are unique in the most surprising shapes. Over the years I have captured my fair share.

An impression:

Floodlight Friday through the years

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Passionate about football. Loves the game, especially al that happens around the pitch. Prefers to attend matches between the fanatics, the ultras, to experience football how it should be and if possible capture the passion on pictures telling the story. Crazy about authentic football culture, old stadiums and has a soft spot for the Balkans. Travels all around Europe and has been named "derby specialist" bij Panenka Magazine.

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