The 40 Greatest Football Stadiums

40 Greatest Football Stadiums - The Oval

A couple of weeks ago I came across a post of a Dutch national news channel. They presented the 40 best stadiums in the world based on 14 million votes. Research was done by Marca, Spanish sports media. As I love proper football stadiums I was curious which grounds are in that top 40. This list definitely surprises me. There are stadiums listed which I believe do not deserve a place in this ranking at all. Furthermore I miss a couple of absolute beauties, like Griffin Park, The Oval, Hillsborough, Stadio Renato Dall’Ara and Feyenoord Stadium ‘De Kuip’. Places with history, identity and which are breathing football. So with your help hopefully, time to make a new top 40 Greatest Football Stadiums.

Of course, it is all based on personal opinions. While one person likes stadiums to be old and authentic, others love the new style with high tech luxury. Unfortunately I can’t find the original set up of Marca. Were people able to select any stadium available in the world or did Marca already made a pre-selection based on their own preferences? Is it based on looks, architecture or also the acoustics/atmosphere?

Your opinion

So let’s put it to the test. I want your opinion to come to my own 40 Greatest Football Stadiums in the world. How does it work? I have added a poll with not only the 40 stadiums out of Marca’s test, but also added 25 grounds which I believe should be in it as well. You can choose a maximum of 5 stadiums from the list or add your own preference. If you add your own preference, it must be a stadium which is still used for playing football.

What do you think?

40 Greatest Football Stadiums poll

Which stadiums belong in the top 40 Greatest Stadiums in the world?
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