Netherlands: disappointing Spakenburg Derby

This derby was not on the fixture list for 2,5 years, but this season SV Spakenburg is back in the Dutch Tweede Divisie (3rd Tier). It literary divides a village in two. The red side (IJsselmeervogels) and blue side (Spakenburg). Your family decides what your club is. All year long they are friends, family and neighbors, but two days a year they are rivals. In a good way.

This derby got some proper international attention over the years. Unique in its kind, because these rivals share their sport park. Their stadiums are build next to each other. If you shoot to high on one pitch, you will find it on the pitch of the other ground. They talk about this derby for weeks, proper party and event traditions. A pure football fest.

Unfortunately this time is was a disappointing derby. On the pitch it was awful to watch and apparantly on the stands they felt the same. The atmosphere was not that good. Maybe the cold had its part in that. And respect for the display at IJsselmeervogels side. Awesome! Furthermore, the hospitality is great. Loved to be there and definitely want to come back. An impression:


SV Spakenburg

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