17 – 18 Recap: Dissapointment & Football Frenzy

Written by De Twaalfde Man

As I had a slow start in 2018, the first two months I hadn’t planned any trips except for Cyprus. The island had to made up for missing a lot of football energy. Unfortunately reality showed otherwise. My patience was tested until March, as we had a Football Frenzy weekend in Italy.

Dissapointing Cyprus

The Nicosia derby usually is a crazy one with two fanatic sides showing their love for the club. Not this time. The day started with rain and a thunderstorm. It was a sign for what was coming, a shitty day. Arriving at the stadium it turned out to be very quiet just an hour before kick-off. We hoped the ultras would show up late. False hope! Close before the derby we already got messages Omonia ultras are boycotting matches the entire season already. APOEL ultras decided to follow due to government restrictions and identification issues.

So we ended up in a stadium far from sold out without any football passion. Luckily there were a few highlights on the pitch to make this match not entirely a waste of time. Hopefully the football passion on Cyprus will come back to the stands.

Omonia side

Football Frenzy in Italy

I sometimes have crazy ideas when it comes to football. My girlfriend tells me I am crazy more than once, but on other hand she understands passion. Luckily I have some friends who are willing to join the crazyness: 4 matches in two days time. Football frenzy in Italy.

Weekend started in Bergamo. After collecting the rental car our road trip began. First a view stadium visits (Bergamo, Brescia) before visiting our first match in Cremona. The Serie B match against Cremonese and Cittadella ended up in a draw. Especially the home section had very good support.

Crazy Cremonese

Verona Derby

The main match of the weekend, the Verona derby. As Hellas was fighting relegation, it could be the last derby for quite some time. The Italians of Hellas have great support. A bit different than others. Some call it the South American way of football support. Lots of noise coming from the stand, young and old. Very bad football, but huge tension. Giallobl├╣ scored the only goal in the second half. Unreal scenes around me. Unfortunately Hellas wasn’t able to prevent relegation.

Bologna & Milan centodieci

The second day of football frenzy started by leaving Verona for Bologna. Stadio Renato Dall’Ara is just amazing. Shame it was far from sold out and no Atalanta away fans (banned because of troubles in Europe). Also the rain didn’t help. The Bologna ultras did their best to create some proper atmosphere.

After Bologno the road trip continued to Milan for the top match Inter vs. Napoli. A dissapointing end of the trip. Very bad football, no goals. The support of Napoli was great, they brought thousands on a late Sunday night. Interisti celebrated 110 years of excistence: Centodieci

All in all not many highlights the first few months of 2018.

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