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Denmark: Slaget om Kobenhavn

Written by De Twaalfde Man

Playing your biggest rivals on an away day has something extra. Entering hostile territory, outnumbered but standing strong. Beating them in their stadium is the sweetest victory. This weekend I am in Scandinavia again for one of my favorite derby’s: Slaget of Kobenhavn or the Batlle of Copenhagen. My fourth edition, second time in the away end. A memorable away day!

Early morning

Due to some stupid safety reasons kick-off was set at 12.30. As I had a birthday party the night before, didn’t catch much sleep. But a proper derby day gives me enough energy to keep me going. The New Firm as the Battle of Copenhagen is called shows proper madness at both sides. Not only beautiful choreos and lots of pyro, but also quite some clashes in and outside the stadium between both fanatic sides.

Brøndby is one of the suburbs of Copenhagen. The majority of the FCK supporters go by train and march to the stadium to cover the last part of the journey. An army of police is present to keep both sides separated. They often try to attack each other at some of the small streets or parks. The away end was filled with 2100 fanatics all dressed in black, blue and white. The other 90% of the stadium in yellow and blue.

Choreos and pyro

Also this time I wasn’t dissapointed. Brøndby IF had a choreo covering the entire stadium in yellow and blue. I didn’t take long for me to not be able to see anything anymore. The away end turned into a pyro frenzy covering the whole stadium in smoke. Welcome to Danmark.

But if you think that’s all, you are truely mistaken. Both sides have great support. Not only their vocal support is massive, they also keep on setting off flares the entire match. If the match is boring, there is plenty of action on the stands to make this derby interesting.

Also the second half started with choreo and massive pyro on both sides. At Brøndby side only the Sydsiden end was covered.

Brøndby choreo first half

Brøndby choreo and pyro second half


There wasn’t much happening on the pitch. Both sides tried, but only succeeded in poor football. Especially the first half was aweful. No serious chances whatsoever. Apparantly also the players had problems with the early kick-off time. Looked like they had some alcohol as well the evening before.

Second half wasn’t that much better. More pressure towards the goals and some good opportunities to score. But despite the passion on the stands, it seemed like the players were more playing not wanting to loose instead of trying to win.

But at the moment we thought the match was over, FC Copenhagen scored in extra time. One weak moment of the Brøndby defenders was more than enough to steal the victory. Unreal scenes in the away end. Crazy celebrations which lasted until for tens of minutes after the final whistle. Is there any sweeter victory possible than beating your arch rivals in the dying seconds?

Slaget om Kobehavn never gets bored! Till next time!

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