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National football: on tour with Bosnia

De Twaalfde Man - Bosnia
Written by De Twaalfde Man

I have nothing with national football. It just doesn’t interest me. Not even when The Netherlands meets the Germans this Friday. Maybe I’ll watch it on the tele if I haven’t got anything better to do. In 2016 I made an exception for the passion and pride of Bosnia. With thousands of them in Brussels. Unity amongst the ultras of different clubs. Their country has suffered in the past. Their pride is indestructible.

A couple of months I earlier I get to know Bosnian football passion. My first Sarajevski Derbi. The rivalry is massive. But today Manijaci and Horde Zla are standing side by side. They represent their country, their pride. Something which I haven’t seen in my country for a long time. We have the Orange circus. A day out for a bunch of football tourists. A failed copy of carnaval celebrated in the Southern areas. Always going for the best boy in class award going nuts on the most horrible music possible. Nothing to do with football.

With BIH Fanaticos up front Bosnia are showing themselves. Both in and out the stadium. If you are their guest, you are one of them. A day where the country, the people and passion catches me. Despite the 4-0 defeat, their passion and pride are standing strong. Amazing to see and feel it. A country still with lots of difficulties these days, but they never give up. We can definitely learn a lot of them.

Bosnia plays Liechtenstein tonight. With Italy, Finland and Greece they are in a tough spot. Already defeated twice, so qualifying for the European Cup tournament will be almost impossible. Hopefully they manage to do so somehow.

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