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Eternal Derby: a “standard” Belgrade clash

Written by De Twaalfde Man

According to the locals it was a “standard” Eternal Derby. If this is standard, I am curious what madness comes up when they go the extra mile. A poor draw on the pitch, but the battle on the stands was mental again. Major pyro shows on both side. This is not the standard, this is the high league when it comes to football passion. My fifth Belgrade derby and it never gets bored.

Eternal Derby Belgrade

You won’t be able to follow the match itself. Your eyes will be focused on the stands for 90 minutes. There is always something happening during the Eternal Derby. The match did not even start, the two groups of Grobari went for a clash on the stands. Police hardly managed to keep the two sides separate. The third group (Alcatraz) wasn’t present this time due to huge problems with the main south stand group. The fight for power continues.

Delije went over the top again with a choreo and massive pyro on several occasions. The stadium speaker tried to ask them no to set off fireworks. Poor guy. Grobari had a huge pyro show which produced so much smoke, the match was stopped for a couple of minutes. Loose seats were piled and set on fire, which caused large flames on the stand. Fireman had to go up to put the flames out. This might be ‘standard’ for this derby, but this craziness is out of this world comparing it to the rest of Europe.

This is the official clash no. 162 between Red Star and Partizan.

Red Star – Delije

Partizan – Grobari

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