Sofia Derby: lost eternity?

De Twaalfde Man - Sofia Derby

After CSKA being close to be abolished now Levski is in trouble. With the new owners it looked like to club had a bright future ahead of them. But after they got arrested for multiple charges, The Blues suddenly are closer to bankrupty. Admirable to see the fans took their responsibility raising a lot of money and donating their choreography budget for the derby to the club. A special Sofia derby day.

For the Levski fans there was more at stake than just the pride of Sofia. The future of the club. They understood the importance of raising money well. They even bought match tickets for the CSKA end, as Levski was the home team and would benefit for more ticket revenues. Despite the uncertain future, their ultras are confident. Levski will survive. The question is, will they or will this derby loose its eternity?

Despite the lack of a large choreo and pyro, the Levski ultras showed their love for The Blues. The away end had a proper choreo and pyro, plus great fanaticism as well. It was a pleasure being around the pitch to experience this derby right in the midddle between the two rivals. Unfortunately no goals were made.

Sofia Derby

Levski Sofia

CSKA Sofia

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