Hungary: Varosi Stadion

Városi Stadion, the biggest mystery in my photo archive. As my Hungarian language skills are a bit rusty lately, the history of this ground is a big question mark. I don’t even know when it is build. By accident I visited it back in 2016. Apparently it was the home ground of Szeol SC. The state of the pitch tells me it is still in use. One thing is for sure. It is a beautiful piece of former glory!

I think my friend had read somewhere that Szeged has a decayed football ground. He is right. Earlier that day we left Budapest on our way to Romania. Despite the rainy weather a perfect pitstop. Some locals are surprised as we park our car and walk towards the stadium. You hear them thinking: “Are they lost?”

I found out that the stadium has a capacity of 15.000. The standing section on the other side tells me it is probably a realistic number. The floodlights are there for decoration. The lights have been removed. The scoreboard is fighting the layers of rust. The best part are definitely the square goal posts. Where else can you find those?

If anyone can provide me with more information about the ground and its history, please contact me!

Photo report Városi Stadion

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