Georgia: Poladi Stadium

FC Rustavi plays their home games at some artificial ground of the Georgian Football Academy nowadays. A modern ground at a boring piece of land surrounded by a couple of typical old school Eastern Europa flats. Therefore you can’t call it a stadium, as it is one of the training grounds of the complet where a temporary stand is added. A completely different world comparing it with Poladi Stadium. A great stadium for 10.000 people.

According to the modern regulations the stadium isn’t suitable anymore. Build in 1948 and upgraded in 1985. You can see the decay, but it’s not different from a lot of other stadiums in Eastern Europe. An impressive wall at the long side gives the stadium extra character. The gate with a large football finishes it.

Football matches in Georgia are visited by just a couple of hundred spectators. It is not a populair sport in the country. Maintaining a large stadium can be an expensive enterprise. Georgia applied for the European Championship together with Azerbaijan. Poladi Stadium is on the list of hosting matches. Unfortunately UEFA decided different. As a result of that the future of the stadium is unknown at the moment.

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