Slaget om København: thrilling Derby Day

De Twaalfde Man - Slaget om København - Copenhagen Derby
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You can see the tension on their faces. Every supporter knows this feeling when facing their arch rivals. Not much hope for a good result today. Their rivals have a much better season. Maybe the home advantage can make the difference today. One thing is for sure. This derby will bring fire. A fight for every inch of the pitch. This is the Copenhagen Derby: Slaget om København!

It is not my first Copenhagen Derby, but it is the first derby I am attending alongside the pitch as a photographer. Last minute I received an accreditation. I am over the moon. The Sydsiden have almost doubled their capacity and today is full house. This will increase the derby atmosphere for sure. I can’t wait.

Slaget om København is the current Champion against the record Champion. They hate each other’s guts, it’s unimaginable. This derby is also called The New Firm in relation to the Old Firm. Despite it can’t match the Old Firm when it comes to history and rivalry, the Copenhagen Derby became one of the most intense derby’s in Europe. And this edition did not disappoint at all!

It was nerve-racking until the last second, but I am sure the passion of Sydsiden pushed the Brøndby IF players to another level. They managed to beat FCK 2-1 and slowly start to climb to the top of the table.

Slaget om København – Sydsiden/Brøndby IF

FCK/Sektion 12

My previous Copenhagen Derby was a couple of years ago. Read the match report here!

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