Serbia: Eternal Chaos of the Belgrade Derby

12 on Tour - Belgrade Derby.- De Twaalfde Man

Crazy North literally fills itself with an ocean of pyro. Incredible noise takes “Marakana” in its power. This is Delije. The ultras of Crvena Zvezda present themselves to the world again. Zvezda je život, ostalo su sitnice!. Zvezda is our life, the rest is details. This is the Belgrade Derby, this the Derby of Derby’s!

Amazing atmosphere, crazy pyro shows and endless support of both sides. Remarkable detail was that the away end was separated into three sections. Grobari was split up because of internal problems. But the love for Partizan and beating your rivals is what counts on derby day. I can describe what happened, but the photos speak for itself. Enjoy!

Crvena Zvezda – Delije

Partizan – Grobari

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