Czech Republic: Slavia KO’s Sparta

A lot of empty seats, almost no one in the away section. Not what you expect from the Pražské Derby 10 minutes before kick-off. Especially with Slavia being the team to beat this season. It turned out to be a very slow start of a very one sided derby. Slavia knocked out Sparta: 3-0.

Unfortunately Sparta had a complete offday. No doubt they were happy afterwards about Slavia only scoring three times. They had plenty of chances winning 5, maybe 6-0 easy. It surprised me that the stadium did not sell out for the semi-final of the cup playing your arch rivals. Besides, Slavia on their to win the league (despite the 1-0 defeat last weekend), they are the defending Cup winners.

At the beginning of the match no choreo or pyro whatsoever. Only vocal support. The away section filled up eventually. They tried hard, but where overpowered by the home crowd. Tribune Sever turned up their volume by the minute. The first goal in the 25th minute was the final ignition for Slavia. They overran Sparta both on and off the pitch. The only time the away section made a statement was when they threw pyro on the pitch to show their frustration. Slavia was leading 3-0 by then. They were completely knocked out and lucky the home team forgot to push the scoreline.

Eventually I got a proper derby day!

Slavia Prague

Sparta Prague

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