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12 on Tour: you can join!

Written by De Twaalfde Man

The last ten years I have been to amazing places around Europe. Especially the derby days give me great memories. Therefore I have decided to share those experience to anyone interested. For people who like to combine proper football days with the local culture. Small groups of like minded people on hand picked trips. That is 12 on Tour!

The beauty of traveling around is meeting new people, making new friends. It opens doors for me, gets me to places where you normally won’t go. Those friends nowadays help me with their hospitality to let people get to know the local culture. Show what it’s like to be a fanatic supporter of their club. You don’t get it more authentic than that. Football weekends made by supporters, for supporters. You can join 12 on Tour!

For information, questions or bookings contact me via info@detwaalfdeman.net

Belgrade Derby: 20 – 23rd of September 2019

The most ferocious derby of Europe is the Belgrade derby, no doubt. The eternal rivals go bigger, better and bolder every time. Amazing vocal support and crazy pyro shows will get you for more than 90 minutes. This one will be remembered for eternity. Add the great city of Belgrade to it and you have the perfect football weekend.

Number of spots available: 4
Price per person: € 225,- (excl. flight)
Included: 4* Hotel incl. breakfast, match ticket, stadium tour, airport transfer

12 on Tour - Belgrade Derby.- De Twaalfde Man

Copenhagen Derby: 5 – 7th of October 2019

The most intense city rivalry of Scandinavia, which doesn’t exist for that long comparing to other derby’s. FC Copenhagen exist since 1992 and became a major club in Denmark immediately. Both hardcore supporter groups are known for their great vocal support, beautiful choreo and pyro shows. This derby keeps the city buzzing.

Number of spots available: 12
Price per person: € 219,- (excl. flight)
Included: Hotel incl. breakfast, match ticket, stadium tour

Copenhagen Derby - 12 on Tour - De Twaalfde Man

Hrvatski Derby: 22 – 25th of November 2019

The two biggest clubs of Croatia, Dinamo Zagreb and Hajduk Split. They divide the country in half. Two massive groups of support, Bad Blue Boys and Torcida which are the oldest ultras group in Europe. A guarantee for madness inside the stadium. It’s not only a battle on the pitch, but also on the stands. We enjoy the exciting Croatian capital during a great football weekend.

Number of spots available: 6
Price per person: € 199,- (excl. flight)
Included: 4* Hotel incl. breakfast, match ticket, stadium tour

12 on Tour - Hrvatski Derbi - De Twaalfde Man

Sarajevo Derby: 29th of November – 2nd of December 2019

Maybe not as massive, but certainly as intense as the Belgrade Derby. Two fanatic sides who live for football, who breath the love for their club. When derby days comes, people get excited weeks before the game. These are the biggest, most supported clubs of Bosnia. A fierce rivalry which results in amazing support. Sarajevo is a city which will be in your remembrance for ever. Beautiful, versatile city with so much to offer.

Number of spots available: 6
Price per person: € 229,- (excl. flight)
Included: 4* Hotel incl. breakfast, match ticket, special city tour, airport transfer

Looking forward – 2020

I am already looking to next year, where a couple of trips are planned:

January 2020: Lisbon Derby (14 spots)
February 2020: Sofia Derby (14 spots)
April 2020: Moscow Derby (just 4 spots left!)

If you are interested in one of the above destinations, don’t hesitate to contact me via info@detwaalfdeman.net

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De Twaalfde Man

Passionate about football. Loves the game, especially al that happens around the pitch. Prefers to attend matches between the fanatics, the ultras, to experience football how it should be and if possible capture the passion on pictures telling the story. Crazy about authentic football culture, old stadiums and has a soft spot for the Balkans. Travels all around Europe and has been named "derby specialist" bij Panenka Magazine.

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